Thursday, October 10, 2013

TWSBI New Product Updates

If you follow TWSBI on their Facebook page, you've probably noticed that they've been very busy getting a slew of new products ready for the holiday season. If not, that's okay - we'll give you an update here!

Keep in mind, all dates are subject to change (delays happen!), and some of the pictures are prototypes and may change too. But this is what we have! All images are from TWSBI's Facebook page.


Black with Rose Gold trim: 

This new beauty is scheduled to be released within a month. It has a solid black barrel and grip, a clear body, but with rose gold trim. The nib has a rose gold plating, too. This will be a bit more expensive, at $70 retail price.

Black & Rose Gold TWSBI 580's currently being manufactured.

A prototype rendering of a white TWSBI 580 with the Rose Gold trim

Yes, 580 colors are coming! These will be released closer to the end of the year and all throughout early next year in phases. Colors depicted on TWSBI's Facebook page include red, orange, yellow, green, and blue, all with clear barrels.

TWSBI 580's in five new colors - orange, blue, yellow, green, and red


We're getting another shipment of clear 580's this Monday, and more will be coming in as we get into the fall. This is a great pen, starting at $50 retail price.

TWSBI 580 clear with a 1.1mm stub italic nib

TWSBI Classic:

This is a new model! Slightly slimmer than the 580, it will come in three solid colors (black, dark blue, and burgundy) with a piston-filling mechanism. It is scheduled to be released in the next 4-6 weeks (mid/late November) and will be $50 retail price.

Testing out the TWSBI Classic in dark blue
A prototype TWSBI Classic in black
Another prototype TWSBI Classic


Another new model, the Eco (short for 'economical'), is scheduled to be released in early 2014. The price and colors are not yet known, but we're guessing in the $25-30 range. It will have a piston-mechanism too.

Testing the TWSBI Eco
Demonstrating how the TWSBI Eco can be posted

TWSBI Vac Mini:

A shorter version of its big brother, the Vac 700, is scheduled for early 2014. Price is expected to be around $65-70.

Rendering of the Vac 700 (left) versus the Vac Mini (right)
Testing out the Vac Mini

That's all the updates for now. What product are YOU most excited about?

Write On,
Rachel Goulet


  1. The eco looks exciting!

  2. Classic in Blue and the colors! Looks like you all will be getting some more cash from me shortly! :)

  3. I do not need another pen. I repeat, I DO NOT NEED ANOTHER PEN.

    Shucks, it's not working :/

    TWSBIs are so addictive.

  4. I need that white with rose gold, red classic and mini vac, but in white (as it was posted on FB page). oooh... hurry up, bring it on :)

  5. Thanks for getting us some potential release dates on these. I've been
    itching to get something over the last few months going back and forth
    between the Safari, Prera, 580, Cocoon etc. But I'm really loving the TWSBI classic and eco.
    They are worth waiting for. I wish the colors on the 580's weren't so
    elementary school fantastic, I would have preferred more subdued

  6. Crap! I need a bigger house.

  7. Waiting for the Vac Mini!

  8. The extra fine on the TWSBIs is somewhere between than the Pilot fine and medium, in my experience.

  9. Do we know what nib sizes these will be using, i.e., will the "Classic" and "Slim" models use the same nib size as the 580/540?

  10. Those are some very attractive pens.

  11. yellow 580!!! I didn't know how much i wanted one until I saw reference to it as a possibility a few months ago, and now i don't want a 580 unless it's yellow. sheesh. :P

  12. I'm excited about ALL OF THEM! (I need help for my TWSBI ADs but hope I never find it.)

  13. Actually a bit disappointed by the colors of the 580... But the Vac Mini seems very nice ! And I want to see more pictures of this Classic in dark blue...

  14. Great stuff! TWISBI seems to have it all figured out! The one thing I wish they would do is add an ink window, however small, on the solid black mini. Much like they have done with this new classic model.

  15. Have to say I'm not overly excited by the colours available in the 580 - a bit too bright, bordering on the garish - but then again, I'm quite content with the clear demonstrator 580. I think the way they blend colour and clear is more appealing than the Diamond Mini Classic, though - as is the fact that they're getting away from black! The Classic looks good to me, either in blue or burgundy - but if I were going to splash out, it would probably be on the Eco (depending on colour choice) - it looks a nice pen, and the price point is appealing too!

  16. The Eco will have different nibs... likely still made by JoWo, but a different size than anything currently produced.

    I can't speak for the Vac Mini nib or compatibility with the Vac-20 bottles... but I would HOPE so! :)

    I DO know that the new Classic model uses the same nib size as the Mini, though it will have different spare nib units because of the different grip sections.

  17. The new Classic model will have the same nib as the Mini. Different grip, though, so it will have its own spare nib units. But the nib itself is the same size. The Eco will have a new nib size, different than what's currently out there.

  18. Agree! You can use our Nib Nook tool on our website to compare writing samples of nib sizes, but as a general rule of thumb, Pilot runs about a size smaller than those who use German nibs (like TWSBI). So a Pilot fine would be like a TWSBI extra-fine.

  19. The rose gold is pretty.

  20. Vac mini? Shut up and take my money!

    Also loving the new 580 colors. Wish I could get the vac 700 with those color schemes.

  21. I have yet to splurge (in my scale of values) on a TWSBI, but the Vac Mini may just push me over the edge. I will wait until I read reviews from others, because the recent inconsistencies with TWSBI ink flow gives me additional pause.

  22. Have several watches in rose gold - that 580 with rose gold would be the perfect compliment.

  23. can the twsbi classic be posted?

  24. Awesome can not wait to add some more TWSBIs to my collection.

  25. I'm not big on the bright colors also but that white with rose gold is just gorgeous!

  26. What would any of you recommend as a first TWSBI? I'm eyeing that orange 580!